relationship therapy

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what to expect

Traditionally known as "marriage and family therapy," relationship therapy can take many different forms. It typically involves a series of weekly sessions designed to help two or more people achieve therapeutic goals together.  My work is grounded in emotion-focused therapy (EFT) and integrates additional elements to address relational, cognitive, and systemic factors that impact relationships. Common areas of focus include improving communication, enhancing a sense of mutual understanding, and developing a shared vision of the future. Ideally, you will have experiences in-session that lead to noticeable changes in your everyday interactions.

For those interested in group work or premarital counseling, I offer couples workshops based on PREP®, an award-winning, evidence-based relationship enhancement program. This structured program, which includes workbooks and materials to take home, can be completed as a weekly series or as a weekend workshop. Compared to couple therapy this has a lighter touch - it's also a great option for small groups of couples. Let me know if you are interested! 


Valuing my clients and all that makes them unique is one of my strengths. I specialize in working with folks with gender, sexual, and/or relational identities that fall under the "queer" umbrella or that generally may not be considered mainstream. If you have concerns about being understood or accepted by a therapist, I'm likely to be a good fit for you. This includes queer and gender diverse relationships, couples in open marriages, polyamorous groupings, members of the kink and swinger communities, and more.