individual therapy

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what to expect

Individual psychotherapy generally consists of a series of weekly sessions in which there is a progression toward therapeutic goals. Initially, this involves identifying and exploring both your current state of being and your reasons for coming to therapy. As sessions progress, our work becomes more focused and possibly more intense as we collaborate to effect change. 

My approach is integrative, meaning that my work is thoughtfully grounded in theories that consider the emotional, relational, cognitive, and systemic factors that impact us. I aim for an expansion of awareness and understanding of yourself and your place in the world to address your symptoms in a way that is long-lasting and personally meaningful. 



Valuing my clients and all that makes them unique is one of my strengths. I specialize in working with folks with gender, sexual, and/or relational identities that fall under the "queer" umbrella or that generally may not be considered mainstream. Are you a member of the trans or LGB communities? Do you practice polyamory? Are you asexual, kinky, or interested in exploring your sexual identity? Are you concerned that a therapist might not understand or accept you for any reason? Come on in!