therapy for all genders


therapy and evaluation for gender identity concerns

Working with clients who identify as transgender, genderqueer, and nonbinary is a primary focus of my practice. This includes cases where gender identity/dysphoria is a primary concern and cases where gender is one consideration among more pressing issues. I welcome clients who are questioning, exploring, or uncertain about their gender identity.

I am always available for gender confirmation surgery evaluations, and I am a strong advocate for making the evaluation process less invasive and expensive.

I am a cisgender woman with a background of training and research in transgender mental health. I view gender as a fluid, complex manifestation of human identity related to social, psychological, and physiological factors, and I believe each person is the expert on their own experience of gender.

At the present time, I only accept clients who are age 18 and up. For help finding a provider for someone who is under 18, please contact the Ingersoll Gender Center and/or Seattle Children’s Gender Clinic.



If you are queer, LGB, kinky, poly, aligned with a fetishistic or stigmatized sexual identity, or otherwise at higher risk for being shamed or ostracized, there's a strong chance I may be a good fit for you. Do you describe yourself as "normal," "boring," or "vanilla?" Come on in! Every person and relationship is likely to present with issues that are very common and issues that are unique to you. My job is to help you understand yourself and achieve your therapeutic goals with acceptance and understanding.